1. Cargo Ship

We have lots of experiences in designing cargo ships. Listed below are cargo ships which we have being designed from planning stage based on ship owner's request to shipyard plan stage. And ships having been designed in accordance with latest rule as such are cargo ships,bulk carriers , container ships , roll-on^roll-off ships ,etc.,and such a ship as to meet your need , if any in the list,could be readily designed by us, if so requested.

  1. D/W 53,000t Bulk Carrier
  2. D/W 36,000t Bulk Carrier
  3. D/W 22,500t Bulk Carrier
  4. D/W 12,500t General Cargo Ship
  5. D/W 11,500t General Cargo Ship
  6. D/W 8,000t GeneraI Cargo Ship
  7. D/W 7,500t General Cargo Ship
  8. D/W 6,500t General Cargo Ship
  9. D/W 6,300t General Cargo Ship
  10. D/W 3,800t General Cargo Ship
  11. G/T 749t General Cargo Ship
  12. G/T 699t General Cargo Ship
  13. G/T 499t~183t General Cargo Ship
  14. G/T 749t,699t Sand Carrier
  15. G/T 499t Sand Carrier
  16. G/T 499t~199t Sand Carrier

2. Tanker / Chemical Tanker

Recently, kinds of chemicals loaded in chemical tankers have increased gradually.
We have designed several kinds of tankers and chemical tankers to owners' and shipbuilders'requests. Specially we had to attend much to design coasting chemical tankers,but we had overcome from our skill and experiences.

  1. D/W 42,000t Product Tanker
  2. D/W 17,000t Chemical Tanker
  3. D/W 8,500t Chemical Tanker
  4. D/W 4,999t Chemical Tanker
  5. D/W 4,100t Bunker Tanker
  6. D/W 3,850t Chemical Tanker
  7. D/W 3,200t Asphalt Tanker
  8. 7,200m3 LPG Tanker
  9. 3,500 m3 LPG Tanker
  10. G/T 999t LPG Tanker
  11. G/T 749t LPG Tanker
  12. G/T 749t Asphalt Tanker
  13. G/T 749t Vitriol Tanker
  14. G/T 699t Vitriol Tanker
  15. G/T 499t Chemical Tanker

3. Pusher Boat, Tug Boat, Barge

Recently, building of pusher boat and barge in couple has increased.Listed below are our achievements.

  1. 3,600 ps Pusher Boat
  2. 2,400 ps Pusher Boat
  3. l,600ps Pusher Boat
  4. 1,200ps Pusher Boat
  5. 3,600 ps Tug Boat
  6. 2,600ps Tug Boat
  7. 1,800ps Tug Boat
  8. 1,200ps Tug Boat
  9. 800ps Tug Boat
  10. D/W 9,000t Pusher Barge
  11. D/W 6,000t Pusher Barge
  12. D/W 5,000t Pusher Barge
  13. D/W 2,450t Pusher Barge
  14. D/W 1,400t Pusher Barge
  15. D/W 9,500t Barge
  16. D/W 6,000t Barge

4. Passenger Ship

We have designed many passenger boats to cope with a demand in so-called ' high-speed-age '.

  1. G/T 5,000 t RO/RO Passenger Ship
  2. G/T 135t Aluminum Alloy Passenger Boat
  3. G/T 70t Aluminum Alloy Passenger Boat
  4. G/T 19t Aluminum Alloy Passenger Boat
  5. G/T 70t High Tension Steel Passenger Boat
  6. G/T 42t High Tension Steel Passenger Boat

5. Special Ship

Our company's forte is designing various and special ships as follows , and these ships are rated high among shipowners and shipbuilders.

1500 m3 Drag Suction Hopper Dredger designed by us is favorably spoken by Vietnamese owner and at shipyard.

2.Ambulance Boat
High-speed(32 knots) ambulance boat provided with medical appliances, same grade as an ambulance car.

3.Cleaner Ship
Cleaner ship provided with equipment for gathering trash in harbor facilities.

4.Unfolding fence ship
Ship provided with equipment for unfolding fence against oil, when tanker's disaster should happen.

5.Symmetrical ferry
Ship provided with equipmenton her fore and aft , enabling cars getting on and off safely and speedily.

6. Buoy Tender ship

7. Reclaimer Barge

6. Floating Dock

Our company has designed many floating docks as follows since establishment of the company.For designing a floating dock,special technology related peculiar to floating docks is required. 0ur floating dock design is based on long experience and database information.
Floating Docks which our company designed and were built in boreign shipbuilders and domestic shipbuilders are active in building and reparing ships Featly. And our company has not only designed but also consulted for building floating docks until completion upon owner's request.

  1. 21,000 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  2. 17,000 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  3. 13,000 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  4. 10,000 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  5. 6,700 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  6. 5,000 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock
  7. 600 T Lifting Capacity Floating Dock

7. Designing Reconstruction Ship

Our company has staffs who experienced renconstructing of various kinds of ships as listed below ;

  1. Cement Carrier
  2. Container Ship
  3. Car Carrier
  4. General Cargo Ship
  5. RoRo Cargo Ship
  6. Training Ship